Eemslift ellen — Laem Chabang → Jorf Lasfar

TOTAL WEIGHT: 536.062,00 KGS

TOTAL AREA: 2741.470 CBM


«The cargo (72 packages of machinery parts) was produced and shipped by Italy-based plantmaker Danieli, a full cycle provider from raw materials to finished products in the metals industry. It provides turnkey plants for the metal industry, from iron ore to all the different finished products. Danieli has invested in wholly owned and directly managed engineering and production centers in different states including Thailand. The new Danieli workshop in Thailand designs and manufactures world-class heavy equipment for the metals industry such as: complete meltshops, including billet, bloom, and slab casters, technological overhead cranes; long product rolling mills stands; skinpass mills stands; scrap shears and shredders; hydraulic systems. The consignee, Riva Industries, placed an order for a new billet steel plant in Morocco from Danieli. It is a new Moroccan steel complex offering a variety of long and special steel in accordance with the strict national and international standards located at the second installment of the industrial area of MEDZ at Jorf Lasfar. It occupies thirty hectares and enjoys a unique position since it is supplied using the rail and port infrastructure integrated in this platform. The new plant will produce 800,000 tpy of 130×130 — 200×200 mm billets. Danieli Automation will supply the Level 2 process control system. Plant startup is scheduled for mid 2020. «

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