About us

Varamar is a shipping company established back in 2009 by Alexander Varvarenko. 

Varamar is well known as a carrier dealing with breakbulk, heavy & oversized, and dry-bulk cargo. 

For over a decade, we have developed transport solutions for dismantled plants, factories, wind turbines, bridges, vehicles and even stadiums. We have developed our own methods based on in-house competences and provide a strong set-up for worldwide shipments. 

We are also involved in tramp shipments of dry-bulk cargo and containers. 


VARAMAR is operating a number of semi-linear and regular shipping services connecting: 

Northern Europe                   <->          Middle East & India

Northern Europe                   <->          Far East & Oceania

Southern & Eastern Europe  <->          Middle East & India

Southern & Eastern Europe  <->          Far East & Oceania

Africa                                     <->          Asia 

Africa                                     <->          Northern & Southern Europe 

Middle East & Far East         <->          Americas 


Our chartering managers speak many languages, including English, German, Chinese, Hindi and Italian. 

Our offices are located in 8 countries — Germany, Italy, Athens, Ukraine, UAE, Belgium, Canada and Shanghai.

We offer personalized approach, full package of services (document support, port operations monitoring, engineers and supercargo counselling, etc.) and marketing reporting / post-fix.

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