Vectis Isle — Bremen→ Karachi

«TOTAL WEIGHT: 109,628.00 KGS TOTAL AREA: 156,220 CBM »

The transformer was produced by JST Transformateurs, manufacturer of electric transformers with more than 50 years experience, for the 9 and 10 units of Tarbela Power Station, located on the Indus River about 50 km northwest of the capital Islamabad. Owned and operated by Pakistan’s state-owned Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), the Tarbela hydropower plant was originally brought into operation with 700MW capacity in 1977. It is installed with 14 power generating units and the water is fed from outlet tunnels one, two and three. Three powerhouses are completed, one is under construction, one more is planned for future.

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Vectis Isle — Antwerp → Mundra


«The cargo (rails profile 60E1 of grade 880) was produced by British Steel’s factory in France. British Steel was created in 2016 when Greybull Capital bought the Long Products...

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Stellar Maestro — Marghera → Duqm

The cargo (CRYOGENIC NITROGEN PACKAGE and HP INSTRUMENT AIR COMPRESSOR PACKAGE) was shipped from Italy to Oman’s Duqm Refinery, based in Al Duqm...

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Stellar Maestro — Derince → Duqm

VARAMAR performed shipment of equipment for the Duqm Refinery in Oman from Turkey. The cargo (67 packages, parts of heaters) was shipped in the framework of the Duqm Refinery project...

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Milena — Izmir → Kobe

Varamar performed the shipment of dismantled factory for MITSUBISHI HITACHI POWER SYSTEMS. Project cargo (ducting parts in 22 packages; gross weight: 121.573,00 kg) was loaded in Turkey and safely discharged in Japan.

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Eemslift Ellen — Laem Chabang → Jorf Lasfar

TOTAL WEIGHT: 536.062,00 KGS

TOTAL AREA: 2741.470 CBM

The cargo (72 packages of machinery parts) was produced and shipped by Italy-based plantmaker Danieli, a full cycle provider from raw materials...

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